Long-haul destinations, trips with children and buddymoons

2023 marks a significant resurgence in Italian honeymoon travel. The Italian Observatory of Destination Wedding Tourism focuses on the analysis of foreign weddings in Italy, but its findings have revealed that this year many locations “have had difficulties in providing availability for weddings from abroad due to strong demand from the domestic market,” says Massimo Feruzzi, CEO of Jfc. He interprets this as an indirect indicator confirming, “the increase in honeymoons among our fellow citizens. This data can also be attributed to Italians travelling beyond the borders.”

During the pandemic, honeymoons were postponed, “but not in significant numbers,” points out Marco Ferrini, sales Manager at CartOrange. “Our consultants did well in managing these numbers, redirecting clients to destinations that remained open, including Italy and Europe, creating tailor-made and high-quality honeymoons.” In 2022 (September ’21 – August ’22), honeymoons represented 38% of CartOrange’s revenue, and the figure is similar for 2023 (September ’22 – August ’23).

The strong honeymoon recovery in these ten months is also confirmed by Ezio Barroero, president of Lab Travel. “Most are the result of new bookings,” he says. “So far, we have more than 300 honeymoons booked, with a significant increase compared to 2022.”

Which destinations have our fellow citizens chosen? For CartOrange, classic long-haul destinations have been at the forefront, “resuming their position at the top of the list of preferences: Japan, the United States, the Maldives, South Africa and Australia.”

For Lab Travel the top 5 includes: “Indonesia, South Africa, United States, the timeless Polynesia and Japan.”

When it comes to budgeting, Lab Travel notes that average spending on honeymoons has seen “a significant increase, partly justified by the strong desire to travel post-pandemic.” CartOrange reports that in 2022, average spending on a honeymoon  “was around €8,000; in 2023, it increased by 20%, reaching approximately €10,000.” On the subject of budgets, Matrimonio.com, a leading wedding industry portal in Italy and part of The Knot Worldwide, has released the Global Wedding Report 2023, based on the results of a survey that involved more than 25,000 couples in 15 countries worldwide. According to the report, Italy is the second-highest spending country in the world for wedding planning, on a par with the United Kingdom.  The indicative figure is €21,100, which “does not include expenses for jewellery, engagement ring or honeymoon.”

Meanwhile, new trends are gaining ground in Italy. The trend for honeymoons, “that include one or more of the couple’s children is steadily growing,” says Ferrini. “70% of these are children within the 2-4 years age group, and the remaining 30% are aged between 5-7 years. It’s a very interesting trend.” These are very structured trips, as well as more complex to organise. One of the trends is also that of group honeymoons, or ‘buddymoons’.

Stefania Vicini

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