Multi-destination trips: the wedding trend

The wedding market continues to be a source of great satisfaction for Idee per Viaggiare. Honeymoons make up approximately 40% of the overall volume. In terms of trends, “trips postponed due to the pandemic are being added to new bookings,” notes the operator, observing a certain evolution in traveller preferences who, “increasingly tend to favour combined trips because they include a multitude of experiences in a single holiday.” The operator responds to this request by drawing inspiration from travel ideas included in the new IDEEMix catalogue. “It’s a coffee table book that contains a selection of unique combinations, including existing destinations as well as new ones.” Examples of offers include spending 4/5 days in a city before a beach stay, taking part in a tour or embarking on a fly & drive adventure. “Some of the matches have arisen from customer requests, as they increasingly seek multi-destination trips, while others are the result of ongoing efforts to provide ever-new experiences,” explains the tour operator. During the same trip, unique fusions are created, such as the “feet in the water” relaxation stay that crosses iconic cultural sites of another destination, or the combination of nature and culture, shopping and outdoor activities.

Unique combinations

Among the most requested destinations are the United Arab Emirates with Dubai, as well as Doha in combination with the Indian Ocean, and Jordan with Oman. “Southeast Asia, Thailand, the ever-popular United States, along with the Caribbean, are also doing well. In addition, Japan is gaining popularity, often combined with a stay in Polynesia.” With IDEEMix, the combinations offer unprecedented backdrops, such as Iceland and the Caribbean. In some cases they do not even require a passport, for example the Loire Castles with Réunion. The catalogue allows for a “different honeymoon, optimising time, travel and costs, and guaranteeing the discovery of multiple countries in a single vacation.”

Sun Siyam Iru Veli

Amongst the choices for newlyweds is the option to follow itineraries that, “expand horizons, thanks to tours that cross destinations, aided by higher budgets and more time compared to traditional travel.” Along these lines are the Iter Experientia proposals, included in the new Idee on Tour catalogue. These are small group trips (maximum 15 people) exclusively composed of Idee per Viaggiare customers, with an Italian-speaking guide, staying in selected accommodation and with customised experiences. An extra for honeymooners is the Sun Siyam Iru Veli, a 5-star resort in the Maldivian Dhaalu Atoll, exclusively marketed to Italy. There are three promotions connected to the resort, available for bookings made by November 30th: “Free seaplane transfer, a reduction for all couples, in addition to the usual complimentary stay for children under 12 years old (a feature of all trips offered by Idee per Viaggiare).”

Regarding costs for the current season, the average price for honeymoon trips is around €8,000. “We have observed an increase compared to 2022, driven by the rise in airfares, which accounts for approximately 15% of the overall cost.”

Stefania Vicini

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