The Italian wedding industry is in good shape

Italian-style or country-style wedding? Sustainable or like in the movies? Outdoors or in a theatre? There are numerous possibilities on offer in response to foreign demand for weddings in Italy, which increasingly seeks unique locations and is fuelling a growing trend. As a result the wedding industry in Italy is in excellent shape. 2023 will be the year in which, “the number of visitors and revenue generated by foreign weddings in Italy in 2019 will be overtaken, as people are increasingly attracted to the beauty of our country.” This is revealed by the Italian Observatory of Destination Wedding Tourism, which provides an overview of the regions, locations and areas that have generated higher demand in 2023.

The most popular

The region that has generated the greatest interest this year is, “Tuscany (11.9%), followed by Puglia (10.9%) and Campania (10.3%).” Other regions include Lazio (9.8%), Sicily (8.7%), Lombardy (6.6%) and Veneto (6%), reveals the Observatory.

As for individual destinations, this year, “the list of winners expands with iconic cities that have always been a part of the Italian wedding offering at the top of the list.” On the podium are Florence (9.5%), Venice (7.6%) and Ravello (5.4%). Then with slightly lower percentages are ”Rome (4.1%), Naples (3.7%), Capri (3.6%), Taormina (3.4%), Verona, Portofino and Matera (3.3%), Siena and Palermo (3.2%), then Pisa (3.1%) and Amalfi (2.7%).”

As for tourist areas, the greatest interest is in the Amalfi Coast (11.8%), followed by Val d’Orcia (9.5%) and the Cinque Terre (9.3%).

Who chooses Italy for a honeymoon? The first element that Massimo Feruzzi, CEO of Jfc highlights is, “the continuous increase in the foreign countries of origin of this clientele, with the US and the UK markets confirming their leading positions.” Weddings from Northern European countries are also on the rise, from Belgium to the Netherlands, Sweden to Denmark, as well as from Romania and Hungary. “Among non-European countries, there is notable growth from India, Brazil and Australia, and a recovery in demand from China.”

Italian-style or country-style?

From an analysis of the trends, Feruzzi highlights two different clusters: on one hand what could be called ‘Italian-style’, and on the other ‘country-style’. In the first case, there is “high demand for small, exclusive villages, for organising events within the companies of world-famous brands, racetracks, car manufacturers, dairies and vinegar factories, wineries, and the use of picturesque locations, up to organising weddings in cultural locations such as museums and theatres.”

In the case of country-style weddings, there is strong growth in weddings that Feruzzi defines as “tours or walks,” meaning “itinerant celebrations held at various locations, to be travelled on foot, as well as outdoors, on the beach, in the woods or in natural parks.” The target audience is becoming increasingly broad and diverse, “and can only be won over with tailor-made offers.”

Confirming that Italy is one of the favourite destinations for couples from all over the world, Bmii – Borsa del Matrimonio in Italia, reveals that bookings this year, and for 2024 “are numerous, and requests are increasing.” What do foreigners who decide to get married in Italy want? “La Dolce Vita,” says Angela Böck of Marry me in Italy, a buyer at Bmii over various editions. As for the organisation of the wedding, “good food is one of the most important elements for people wanting a Made in Italy wedding, alongside nature, culture and great company. And huge importance is also placed on sustainability.”

Stefania Vicini

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