Egypt’s unstoppable rise 

2023 was the best year ever for Egypt, a year that saw 14.9 million tourists arriving in the country from all over the world, with 27% growth compared to 2022.   

But there is an even more significant figure, according to Amr El Kady, CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Authority. “In the last 4 months, from October 2023 to January 2024, Egypt recorded 5 million arrivals, an 8% increase compared to the same period the previous year, a sign that the winds of war are not blowing on our travel industry and that millions of people have confidence in the security conditions that Egyptian destinations are able to guarantee today,” he explained. 

“There have certainly been different attitudes from various markets, with numbers decreasing from some countries, but increasing from others.  The very encouraging signal, however, concerning the Italian market,” El Kady continued, “comes from the past few weeks which, based on what tour operators are reporting to us, have seen a surge in bookings for spring breaks, Easter and even summer.”  Expectations are therefore optimistic for 2024, with the country aiming to grow by a further 10% in terms of international tourist arrivals. 


Spotlight on Cairo  

A focus on Cairo as a cultural destination is undoubtedly amongst the upcoming activities for the tourism board. “We believe the city experience has so much to offer and it can be the perfect destination even for a city break of a few nights.  Just spend a day in Cairo before flying to the beach or the Nile!” El Kady said. “It’s a city that truly has many attractions to offer, from ancient to modern, from music to art galleries, from shopping to gastronomy.  We have already discussed this with Italian tour operators and the proposal to turn it into a ‘destination in itself’ has been well received”.

Alessandra Tesan 

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