Senior living according to Matteo Thun

Senior housing in Bavaria, about 30 minutes from Munich and not far from one of the most beautiful lakes in the region: this is the senior living project by Matteo Thun & Partners. Currently under construction and located in Ambach, it will cover an area of 14,000 square metres, and Matteo Thun & Partners are responsible for the architecture and interior design. “The architecture and interiors concepts aim to create an active and open place for the elderly, where guests can also enjoy a swimming pool, a restaurant and a theatre,” explains the studio. “The buildings, partly made of prefabricated wood and with grass on the roofs, are fully integrated into the hillside context, and each residence has a balcony or terrace. All existing trees, considered essential for the protection of the surrounding nature, have been preserved.” But how is the senior living market in Italy currently distributed and what are the development prospects? “Italy has a strong family culture that inevitably leads the preference to be for internal management of older relatives who are cared for within the family nucleus. Consequently, this cultural aspect strongly influences senior housing,” says architect Thun. “Conversely, in Northern Europe, senior housing continues to offer a very valid option and excellent accommodation for older people for many years.” According to the architect, we mustn’t forget “that guests have mobility difficulties; irregularities and slopes on the ground must be taken into account. Another problem,” says Thun, “is dementia: it is possible that during old age, we may forget who we are. That’s why we try to create circular paths so that guests can always find their way, both inside the structure and outside. We try to create architecture that is timeless, simple but above all human, from single apartments to three-room apartments ranging from 27 to 89 square metres. This is also defined by the furnishings that each guest brings with them. We only furnish the apartments with a bathroom and a kitchenette because people are emotionally attached to objects that have accompanied them throughout their lives,” the architect emphasises. “In addition, apartments are almost always provided with a terrace or balcony.” And what comparison can be made between Italy and other European countries for senior living? “Italy has numerous senior homes scattered throughout the peninsula, from small towns to large cities. However, differences in healthcare systems and long-term care can affect the quality and accessibility of elderly care services.”

Nicoletta Somma

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