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Italy: the perfect destination for French, British and German travellers

Travellyze, the cloud-based business intelligence tool by International Tourism Group (ITG), which includes Interface Tourism Italy, has analysed exclusively for Guida Viaggi, incoming markets from France, the United Kingdom and Germany, who are interested in travelling to Italy. The results are as follows: culture and adventure enthusiasts (10% of the panel), food and wine travellers (31.6%) and active tourists (14.9%).

Cultured Gen Xers and Millennials

The profile of active tourists shows an almost equal percentage of men and women, with an age range of 25-34 years old. Among culture and adventure enthusiasts, the percentage of men and women is equal, the age range is 35-54 years old and the average education level is secondary school. More women (51.62%) than men (48.23%) are food and beverage enthusiasts, with an average age of 55-64 years and with a secondary school education level. Active tourists and culture and adventure enthusiasts have higher available budgets. These types of holidays require a greater financial commitment in terms of destination and equipment choice. “Gastronauts” generally have a lower budget, are looking for local flavours rather than fine dining and are less tied to a specific experience.


Active tourists and culture and adventure enthusiasts share the top 5 sources of inspiration: family and friends, Instagram, YouTube, search engines and online review sites. This changes for food and wine enthusiasts, who, in order, refer to family and friends, search engines, online review sites and TV programs. Older people and those with lower education levels prefer traditional TV programs above YouTube.

Nature in first place

In addition to culture, food and activity, European travellers in Italy are looking for nature and outdoor experiences (88.09% of culture and adventure enthusiasts, 76.27% of food enthusiasts), small, unique cities (85.5% of culture and adventure lovers, 76.93% of active tourists, 63.8% of food enthusiasts) and beaches (72.6% of active tourists, 67% of food enthusiasts). Travel catalysts for choosing a destination are similar for everyone: safety, cleanliness and hygiene, followed by affordability. For cultural or active tourism, the possibility of experiencing new things is the most important factor, while for people aiming for food and wine experiences (older, less educated, less interested in specific destinations), the most important aspect is direct flights.

Top 5 drivers

In addition to the motivational factors mentioned, the top 5 reasons for people choosing Italy are similar for all targets: sun and beach holidays, relaxation, visiting friends and family, participating in festivals and cultural events (4th place for cultural and active tourism, 5th for food enthusiasts), holidays in small, unique cities (5th place for cultural and active tourism, 4th for gastronomists). These differences also affect the type of accommodation choices, where vacation homes and staying with friends or family are particularly important (especially for food enthusiasts). In general, there is a search for simple accommodation since economic accessibility is one of the main travel factors.

Favourite short-term

destination Italy is considered a perfect destination for all European travellers and is considered the favourite destination in the short term for all targets. The type of vacation requested is always a mix of sea, relaxation and Italian lifestyle consisting of food, small cities and nature, but it varies depending on age, with a predominance for active tourism among younger targets and gastronomic tourism among older ones. Friends and relatives are one of the main reasons for travel, and this affects the type of accommodation and travel budget.

by Paola Olivari


Veneto soars with outdoor and experience-based vacations

Veneto showcases its tourism offerings at Discover Italy, “highlighting the aspects that characterise the region known as ‘The Land of Venice.’ We will showcase everything from art cities like Treviso, Verona and Vicenza, to Lake Garda and the Dolomites. We want to give buyers a complete overview of the beauty our destinations can offer,” says Federico Caner, Regional Councillor for EU Funds, Tourism, Agriculture and Foreign Trade. The region achieved a record-breaking 2023, “with 21.1 million arrivals and nearly 72 million overnight stays, confirming it as Italy’s top tourist region.” Painting an even more positive picture is the fact that tourist interest in 2023 “surpasses not only the previous year but also arrivals recorded before the pandemic.” Among the trends is the growing request for “contact with nature,” leading to “a preference for non-hotel accommodation and outdoor activities, thanks to the rapid increase in their availability and the innovation capacity of traditional structures,” comments Caner. This interest is linked to the desire for “increasingly experience-based vacations.”

Foreign tourist preferences

The main foreign market for Veneto remains the German-speaking countries, with Germany and Austria recording, respectively “+11.4% and +8.2% in overnight stays in 2023 compared to pre-pandemic levels, and with preferences for outdoor destinations like Lake Garda and beaches.” In the art cities, “American tourists are in first position, +16.15% compared to 2019. Data from France, Austria, the Netherlands and the UK are also very positive.” Regarding Eastern Europe, tourism has significantly increased during the post-pandemic recovery phase. The councillor emphasises that to continue to target these markets, initiatives will be implemented for “promotion and enhancement of the region, also involving Asia and the Middle East.” The attractiveness of all five tourist areas, “sea, art cities, lakes, mountains and spas, is confirmed by the 2023 data showing increasing interest.” Cycling tourism, climate, the concentration of art cities and the physical geography of the region make it a “destination with great potential.” Among its assets are the UNESCO World Heritage sites (9), “each year activities are implemented for the promotion and enhancement of cultural and conscious tourism.” Golf and MICE activities have also “fully resumed.”

by S.V.


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